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Gemüt is a family-owned small farm shop and creative cafe with high ceilings and heart space. With us you can explore local delights or paint on ceramics.  

In our name, Gemüt, we save on a little smile, as our wish is that everyone who comes to us should come in a good Gemüt of their visit Ü

Kreacafé & farm shop


What is GemÜt?

[ɡəˈmyːt]  Subst. - 1. from German feeling; heart; soul; Mind. 2. Gemüt is a feeling of being in a good, easy and playful mood right into the soul. 3. Gemüt is a small creative cafe and farm shop on Jutland's west coast. A place with warmth of heart, soul and a place that is good for the mind - especially the playful and childish mind. 


Opening Hours

Come Visit!

Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday, Friday: 10.00 - 19.00

Thursday: 10.00 - 21.00
Saturday - Sunday: 10.00
  - 17.00

Contact Us

Vesterhavsvej 1, 6990 Ulfborg

+45 61 76 54 54

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