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GemÜt - a different café

It is a place where you can unleash your creativity. Come in and choose the piece of ceramics you want from our selection. We have the paint and we are responsible for the glazing and firing of your chosen ceramic. Your pottery is finished in about a week, then you get an SMS and can pick it up. Can be forwarded by appointment.


The primary GemÜt 

My name is Dorthe and I am the primary person behind GemÜt. Both my husband and two grown children as well as children-in-law will also be meeting in between in the café.  

I have started GemÜt as I have always dreamed of having a café, but at the same time have great interest and experience in the creative field from my many years of career as an educator. 

I have combined this in GemÜt, as togetherness and creativity are balm for the soul and I have a desire to create a café with room for just this - well-being and smiles.

Therefore, the name also hides a small smile Ü and the meaning itself refers to a positive and playful state of mind but peace of mind.

I look forward to seeing you and hopefully you will also be in good GemÜt by a visit with us!

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